Dr. SkySkull on WCNC!

For those who just can’t get enough of seeing me on camera (read: my parents), yesterday I did a very short spot on WCNC TV to promote UNCC’s Science and Technology Expo that is happening tomorrow, noon-4 pm, on the UNCC campus.  More information about the Expo can be found here!

My TV spot is “blink and you’ll miss it,” but I do mess with the theremin on camera!  The WCNC site doesn’t seem to allow embedding, so here’s a link to the clip. (Thanks to Sarah for tracking it down online for me!)

I mentioned to my colleague Jim, who was there with me demonstrating robots, that I have done a few TV spots before. He, probably presciently, asked me, “Have you used up your fifteen minutes of fame yet?” I think I’m on minute 11 at this point!

Just so this post isn’t a bunch of words, here’s a few photos I took at the recording!

My traditional “panicked selfie before I do a presentation.”

You KNOW that there’s a story behind this sign.

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